Pics of Julia Roberts naked and tied

By the look of things, it seems this Pretty Woman celebrity is in a pretty bad situation. But look again. Julia Roberts may be tied up pretty bad, and quite painfully at that, but you’ve actually just caught her in some hot, pre-sex bondage setup. Look closely, and you see she’s actually grinning in pleasure at the rope cutting into her pussy, and at her tits swelling up and suffocating from being tied too tightly. So no need to worry about your Julia Roberts caught up in something she doesn’t like–she’s enjoying herself being dominated like that, and it’s only a matter of time before her partner comes in and starts stuffing her mouth with his cock, to which she’ll gleefully suck at it until the guy won’t be able to hold it in and let his cum fill her up.

Or if that doesn’t satisfy you, we caught Julia Roberts in another of her favorite sex games: playing the kinky french maid, complete with the feather duster and frilly armbands. And it looks like she’s got the act worked out too: she’ll bend over to dust of an other wise pristine vase, just so you can see her pussy from behind, and she’ll spank your ass for being a naughty kid for dirtying the floor with your muddy shoes. But once she’s been chastised (and off-duty), you can let her sit on your lap, and with her cooing french trill, whisper dirty words in your ear, getting your cock all hard as she strokes it, while she wets herself by sliding the feather duster in and out of her obedient little pussy.

These kinky pictures of Julia Roberts doing bondage and playing the naughty french maid are sure to fire up your thoughts, so why not check out more of her naked pictures?

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